Mageline Thin & Sensitive Travel Skincare Set

Mageline Thin & Sensitive Travel Skincare Set

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This Sensitive Travel Skincare set harmonizes, calms and deeply hydrates and moisturizes dry, irritated, redness and sensitive skin. Rapidly-absorbed and balances the moisture levels in the skin leaving skin feeling silky and pampered. Improves moisture retention and strengthen the skin barrier, helps combat environmental aggressors, keeps skin feeling comfortably supple and protected. Creates healthy and lustrous skin after long-term use. Suitable for sensitive skin, safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Step 1: Mageline Ultimate Clear Facial Cleanser 15g
Step 2: Mageline Moisture Soothing Toner 20ml
Step 3: Mageline Moisture Soothing Essence 5ml
Step 4: Mageline Moisture Soothing Cream 5g
Step 5: Mageline Black Tea & Lavender Mask 15g
Mageline Magic Beauty Brightening Facial Mask 1pc

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