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Mageline Reverse Time Skincare Set
Mageline Reverse Time Skincare Set
Mageline Reverse Time Skincare Set
Mageline Reverse Time Skincare Set
Mageline Reverse Time Skincare Set
Mageline Reverse Time Skincare Set
Mageline Reverse Time Skincare Set
Mageline Reverse Time Skincare Set
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Promotion: Mageline Reverse Time Skincare Set

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Mageline Reverse Time Essence (5ml x 10 bottles/box)
Mageline Reverse Time Essence Lotion (50ml)
Mageline Reverse Tiime Miracle Facial Cream (50g)

FOC: 1x Mageline Moisture Soothing Lotion (20ml), 1x Mageline Ultimate Clear Facial Cleanser (15g) and 1x Mageline Black Tea & Rose Facial Mask worth RM80
Note: Free gift(s) does not overlap with any promotions/VIP discount.

Mageline Reverse Time Essence is the result of an extensive R&D, where it is formulated to repair damaged skin cells and optimise skin moisture balance for a longer period of time. Like youth in a bottle—this potent and fast-acting pre serum, contains 830,000 plant-based stem cell which helps fight visible signs of aging including lines & wrinkles for a more youthful appearance and penetrates into each layers of skin to repair damaged skin cells. This double award winning pre-serum can visibly & dramatically minimizes multiple signs of aging, skin that is hydrated and dewy round the clock. See a more youthful-looking you: Less lines & wrinkles, even skin tone & plumper, smoother skin. This is all thanks to its Tri-X Cell™ —a breakthrough discovery that allows the skin to drink in moisture for hours on end and keep skin looking radiant and glowing throughout the day. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  • Double Award-Winning Essence in 2019 (Harper’s Beauty Bazaar International Award and COSMO Beauty Award)
  • 830,000 concentrated plant stem-cell extracts in each 5ml bottle.
  • Patented Tri-XCellTM – key ingredients >>> 3 types of plant stem cell extracts >>> 1. France White Rose extract, 2. Swiss Green Apple extract, 3. Eryngium Maritimum extract
  • Clinically Tested for Fast Results in 7 days -
    • Reduced Fine lines & Wrinkles - 13.8%
    • Smoother Texture & more Refined Pores + 24.6%
    • Get Glowing & Radiant Complexion +19.4%
    • Brightening & Even out Skin Tone +12.7%
    • Firming and Lifting +6.5%
  • Boost up skin hydration level instantly
  • Repair damaged skin cell and regenerate healthy skin cell
  • Enhance absorption of skin care
  • High antioxidant and protect skin against free radicals
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Strengthen skin barriers
  • Stabilise sensitive and fragile skin
  • Lighten pigmentation, dark spots and acne scars

Top 8 reasons that you should absolutely add a pre-serum to your skincare routine:
1. Boost Hydration Level
2. Enables your Skin Care Products Penetrate Better
3. Strengthen Your Skin Barrier
4. Anti-aging, Firming and Brightening
5. Evens out skin tone and reduces pore size
6. High Antioxidant, Defending Skin Against Dryness, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Dullness and Uneven Texture
7. Helps Boost the Effectiveness of Your Other Skincare Products.
8. Repairing Damaged Skin Cells and Generating Healthy Skin Cells

Mageline Reverse Time Essence Lotion

Patented Anti-Aging Technology [REGU-FLASH] and [Tri-XCell] Plant Stem Cell Formulation >>> revitalises & firms skin, and reduces wrinkles and fine lines in 7 days!

Lightweight and refreshing lotion texture, gives the skin zero burden and easy absorption, penetrates deep into skin layers to rejuvenate skin cells, saving dehydrated and dull skin, leaving skin soft and glowing all day long. 

High antioxidant, brightens and leaves skin plump, elastic, hydrated and glowing, promotes collagen production, stabilises and soothes skin cells and strengthens skin barriers.

The luxury dual-age-defying technology, REGU-Flash active peptide, and quadruple plant stem cell technology, boost up hydration and collagen levels, 7 days to smooth out wrinkle and tighten skin.

Six-dimensional anti-aging revitalizing skin daily:

  1. Precisely targeting wrinkles & fine lines
  2. Lifting and tightening face contour
  3. Softening and smoothing skin
  4. Even out dull skin and brightening complexion
  5. Strongly stabilizing and in-depth repairing
  6. Long lasting moisturizing skin


肌肤紧致度 Wrinkles improvement and firmness +69%
充盈饱满度 Plumpness +63%
光滑细腻度 Smoothness and delicateness +63%
保湿修护力 Moisturizing and repairing ability +43.3%

Mageline Reverse Time Miracle Facial Cream is able to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy‼️It powers up your skin to improve uneven texture and fine lines caused by dryness so you can have youthful, healthy-looking skin. The ideal anti-aging cream for visibly firming and rejuvenating our delicate skin. Provides an immediate smoothing effect. Day after day, the skin's youthfulness is boosted, wrinkles are visibly reduced, facial contours appear sculpted and features appear refreshed. The complexion is more even, skin radiates beauty. 

  • Ideal all-in-one anti-aging cream for visibly firming and rejuvenating our delicate skin
  • The unique ingredient: Dragon Blood (Dracaena Cinnabari, also known as dragon tree, is native to the Socotra islands and South America.) Excellent Beauty benefits: Anti-Aging >>> Known as a liquid facelift, it adds volume to hollow skin and makes it plumper and younger. Loaded with antioxidants and wards off free radicals that cause premature aging. It also deeply moisturises, promotes cell renewal and even boosts collagen production.
  • 5 key features:
    • Firming & Lifting - Facial contours appear sculpted and firmed
    • Elasticity - keeps skin firm, smooth, fine lines/wrinkles are visibly reduced
    • Brightening – improve dull skin and uneven skin tone
    • Moisturizing – boost up hydration level, keep skin youthful and healthy-looking skin
    • Radiant & Glowing – keep your skin an all-around healthy glow!
  • Fast absorption and non-greasy
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Provides an immediate smoothing effect
  • Strengthen skin barriers, protect skin against free radicals
  • The complexion is more even and radiant. 

All Natural, No Preservatives. Suitable for All Skin Types, including sensitive skin and safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding mums.

After toner, apply 1-2 drops of Reverse Time Essence to the face and massage upward gently, can be applied on the eye areas also. Then follow with Mageline Reverse Time Essence Lotion and Reverse Time Miracle Facial Cream

日晒、熬夜、辐射侵害, 肌肤时刻处于“高压期”, 肌底发出的SOS信号,你Get到了吗?滑动对应困扰,解锁保鲜“肌密”. 多年科研成果,独家抗老黑科技, 麦吉丽逆时光精华肌底液, C位出道麦吉丽小银管,一周见证肌肤细腻饱满, 鲜活直达肌底,滴滴修护年轻, 肌肤抗老专利黑科技Tri-X Cell™, 不含防腐剂, 平衡肌底微生态,更鲜活更紧致. 高效抗氧化,提亮肤色,修复受损细胞,促进胶原蛋白再生, 淡化干细纹和皱纹,维稳修护,增强皮肤屏障,提升肌肤自身修护力,抗衰,抗敏,抗污𣳼,抗暗沉,紧致,加强细胞新陈代谢,多方位解决肌肤问题,高效温和鲜活直达肌底,滴滴修护年轻肌肤饱满弹润有光泽. 安瓶浓缩卓效修护, 每瓶约83万个植物干细胞提取微粒, 灯光下肉眼可见,滴滴深入养护. 

麦吉丽逆时光精华乳 重磅来袭!六维逆龄焕肤, 重启肌肤鲜活原力!

紧致轮廓 | 淡化纹路 | 细嫩幼滑 | 沟净透亮 | 维稳修复 | 盈润保湿


  • 焕新黑科技REGU-FLASH:激活肌肤弹力,高浓度保湿,强化肌肤屏障
  • 四重植物干细胞技术+抗老黑科技Tri-Xcell : 赋活渗透直达肌底,肌肤能量满格
  • 一抹清爽易吸收, 适合任何肌肤
  • 7天淡纹紧致,唤醒肌肤源活力 
  • 持效盈润保湿, 淸透水润质地
  • 一抹化水轻呼吸, 轻盈不粘好吸收,加持深透水润力
  • 拯救暗沉干燥,肌肤全天候水光柔润
  • 天然植物萃取成分,无防腐剂,无副作用
  • 肌肤轻盈柔润,鲜活紧实每一天!

 六维逆龄焕肤, 重启肌肤鲜活原力:

  1. 靶向精准淡纹
  2. 收紧上扬轮廓
  3. 肤质细嫩幼滑
  4. 肤色匀净透亮
  5. 强维穏深修护


想要享受岁月静好,但又逃不过岁月痕迹?年龄增长、频繁熬夜、环境污染、紫外线、压力等因素, 让肌肤每天都在加速衰老!




全新麦吉丽逆时光奇迹面霜, 采用核心智囊多肽科技, 多种复合精华成分, 明晰年轻轮廓,精确修护时光印记 - 弹润、紧致、提拉、淡纹、匀亮, 五重逆龄焕变,每一面,都更年轻!




1. 弹 - 淡化皱纹,抵御岁月侵蚀,肌肤日益弹润饱满

2. 紧 - 全面上扬面部轮廓,筑造紧实柔滑肌肤

3. 亮 - 改善老化肌肤,横扫肌肤黯黄,匀亮肤色 

4. 润 - 由内而外深层润泽,为肌肤建立水润通道

5. 透 - 抵御氧化侵袭,对抗自由基,透现鲜活光泽

柔润乳霜质地 触肤即融, 淡粉色的乳霜质地,滋润不黏腻, 延展性佳,高渗透性易吸收, 如天鹅绒般触肤即融.

每天用麦吉丽“逆龄面霜”修护肌肤, 松弛、笑纹、干燥粗糙迎刃而解, 年轻触手可见!逆龄就是现在!

 Mageline Reverse Time Skincare, antiaging skincare

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