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Dealers Recruitment

Bored with 9-6 corporate rat race? Thinking of quitting job? Looking for extra income? Enjoy greater freedom and flexibility if you are tired of the groundhog days of alarm clocks, rushing and commuting, then you will love being your own boss. Are you ready to leave your day job to start your own business or to earn extra income?   

Homemaker looking for extra income?

Looking for new skincare products for your new and existing beauty business?

Searching for new products as part of your business expansion?

We are the Authorised Agent for Malaysia (L711958, L661939) and are expanding worldwide and actively recruiting distributors/agents. Join our team today! Starting your own business is easy:

  • small investment
  • large return on investment/profit margin
  • comprehensive coaching for skill set upgrading
  • sustainable brand with good market prospect
  • sound and robust systems, effective management practice
  • quality commitment with uninterrupted supply

Start you own business from as low as RM3067 only ‼️

Join us today to jumpstart Your Journey to Success! 


不图暴利, 不虚假宣传, 诚信去经营一份可以传递美丽的事业, 可以长久稳定发展的事业, 利用碎片时间, 去追求属于自己更好的生活.

【麦吉丽品牌】 流程:产品开发部--原料配方研发部--生产部--品质部--仓储物流--品牌市场营销策划管理--培训部--实体百货渠道部--电商部--微营销渠道部--IT技术部--法务部--市场管控部 ,每个环节全部自主掌控,一应俱全,麦吉丽具备最好的研发生产能力,具备一流的品牌运营管理能力。未来潜力无限!

🎖We are not a direct selling, or a stockist company.

🎖We are a premium skincare brand, with high quality of manufacturing & research & development. 

💃To be confident? Beautiful? The same time to achieve life goal?
💃想拥有自信与美丽? 同时间达到人生目标?

📣想要创业赚钱决不能错过‼️ 只需RM3067 就可以起歩创业‼️底成本,高利润,高回购率,无需实体店,没有年龄限制,不限男女,简单容易操作,只需一部手机就可以创业,不需要学厉和经验,免费提供陪训等...

麦吉丽品牌实力, 五年以来一直致力于打造具有国际影响力的一流品牌和企业,让更多的女性尽享素颜之美,让更多的创业者成就精彩人生‼️‼️‼️


所有正规品牌的代理商都是需要缴纳代理保证金,才能授权代理的。我们欢迎世界各国来加入我们!想了解更多请联系我们. 发电子邮箱或是微信。


For further information, please contact us at:
whatsapp +6016 298 0051, +6012 382 9754
Wechat: mageline_sue, magelineworld_shir

Lifetime VIP Member

Enjoy Lifetime VIP membership with initial purchase of RM2,400. No deposit is required, no renewal fees, you can enjoy lifetime discount on all products up to 25% discount! Contact us @ whatsapp +6016 298 0051, +6012 382 9754 or Wechat: mageline_sue, magelineworld_shir