Do You Know the Importance of Scalp Care? Face aging is bad, but scalp aging is even worse!

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Scalp and facial skin are closely interconnected. Research has found that our scalp ages 6 times faster than face, and more than 10 times faster than body; because scalp is the second thinnest skin in human body, and it is more fragile and prone to irritation.

Human’s aging starts from scalp. When scalp becomes saggy, facial skin starts to loosen. The sagging starts from forehead, corner of the eyes, to nasolabial folds, finally leading to aging of the entire face.  

Start anti-aging for scalp now before it is too late!

Mageline Natural Scalp Care Shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo for your scalp is the key!

Scalp is human’s second thinnest skin after skin around eyes, it’s more fragile and prone to irritation, so anti-aging care for scalp is more challenging than face! In addition, with poor ventilation due to being covered by 100,000 hair, hair follicles are easily get congested by greasy filth, disrupting microbiome balance of scalp, which further speeds up the aging crisis.

In general, shampoo products in the market mainly include ingredients such as soap base, ordinary sulfate, etc. They usually tend to be alkaline. After wash, it tends to cause dry, red and scaly scalp, and even feels tight, itchy and discomfort, causing irritation and damage on scalp and speeding up scalp aging.

Avoid low grade and low purity shampoo with harmful substances such as dioxane, paraben, etc. these are easily generated in the production process, damaging hair and even bringing harm to human body.

Shampoo with silicone will leave silky-smooth hair strands at first, but leaving behind degradation-resistant residue which is hard to rinse off. Long-term use will lead to residue accumulation on scalp, congesting hair follicles, causing troubles such as oily scalp, dandruff, fragility, hair loss, etc. which in turn leads to scalp aging, impacting firmness and youthfulness on facial skin.

What is a surfactant?

Surface active agent/surfactant is the cleansing ingredient in shampoo formula, which helps dissolve grease and dirt on scalp and hair and maintain their cleanliness and freshness.

Common surfactants for shampoo on the market:

1. Soap base surfactant

Strong degreasing ability, clean and fresh after wash, with fairly strong irritation, tends to over cleanse, liable to cause keratoderma of skin to be thinner and drier. Therefore, it is gradually being replaced.

2. Ordinary sulfate surfactant (SLS)

Strong degreasing and decontaminating ability, rich and dense foam, tends to cause dry and tense scalp after wash, causes irritation, surfactant production process would generate harmful ingredient such as dioxane.

3. Upgraded sulfate surfactant (SLES)

Strong cleansing power, rich foam yet easy to rinse off, sulfate upgraded from SLS to SLES system, thus it is more expensive. Gentle and non-irritating when used in complex formula.

4. Amino acid surfactant

With PH value closes to skin PH, it is gentler, skin-friendly, non-irritating, but more expensive, therefore often used in upscale rinse and care products and products for baby.

Hence, it is advisable to opt for skin-friendly amino-acid and silicone-free hair care products for healthy scalp and hair.

Is 2-in-1 shampoo good?

In general, 2-in-1 shampoo for rinse & care tends to irritate scalp and ignore scalp care. Before being rinsed off, the hair care ingredients in the shampoo form a layer of film on scalp and hair that would retain the filth and impurities on the surface of scalp and hair.

Long-term usage would congest your hair follicles, leading to dry or oily scalp, speeding up aging and sagging scalp, causing a series of side effects including dry, frizzy, split ends, hair loss, etc. and even impacting the youthfulness of facial skin.

Separation of Rinse and Care

The main efficacy of shampoo is to cleanse and remove dirt on scalp and hair, whereas the hair care products such as hair conditioner, hair mask, hair oil are to provide nutrients to the hair strands, enhance lustre, strength and elasticity of hair, youthful lustre and shine from scalp to tip.

Hence it is recommended to use separate hair care products for scalp and hair to promote healthy scalp and soft and lustrous hair.

Mageline Scalp Care Shampoo

Is your scalp healthy?

There are three indicators to determine if your scalp is healthy:

  1. Sebum level
  2. Scalp microbiome
  3. Metabolic balance

Any problem in any of the three leads directly to scalp well-being. For example, when microbiome loses its balance, itchiness and dandruff will occur; when sebum secretion is unbalanced, scalp will become extremely oily.

Scalp can be firm and energetic only when it is clean, fresh and burden-free, thereby making skin appear more youthful and plumper.

Mageline Black Golden Caviar Shampoo 

Product Recommendation

What are the advantages of Mageline Scalp Pro Shampoo compared with Other Shampoo in the market? Why Choose Mageline Amino Acid Shampoo?

Mageline Scalp Pro Hair Care Series, Rejuvenating Scalp x Nourishing Hair

Mageline specialises in scalp anti-aging and facial youth. Rejuvenating scalp, takes care of your hair like skin care. Excellent moisturizing effect to make scalp clean, fresh and moisture.  

 1. Premium Cleaning Formula

  • Mageline adopts premium skincare-level pure amino acid formula
  • Tested and certified by National Medical Products Administration, amino acid ingredient ranked top three on the table of ingredients.
  • Weak acidity is more aligned with human skin’s PH value. Making hair care just like skin care, gentle, skin-friendly, non-irritating, suitable even for fragile scalp.
  • Intensive scalp cleaning and sebum control. Clear fresh, moisturized, free of tightening, outstandingly repairs scalp health.
  • Amino acid is a basic constituent of protein. While caring for tender scalp, it can effectively repair hair, providing rinse & care in the most comforting manner for scalp and hair.
  • Balances scalp microbiome, revitalises scalp youthfulness, strengthens hair from root to end.

 2. Safer Production Process

  • Mageline insists on the philosophy of ‘making hair care just like skin care”.
  • Strong scientific research team - consisting of the research team led by Prof. Toshio Yanaki, Chief Scientist of Mageline, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, National Engineering Research Center for nanomedicine, and Scalp Anti-Aging Scientific Research Team after 3 years of in-depth multi-disciplinary research.
  • Indulge in facial-cleansing grade rinse & care experience at ease. Mageline hair care adopts 100% animo acid formula, offering premium raw material purity as high as 99.5%.
  • Added rare Siberian black golden caviar anti-aging essence. Similarity with human cells as high as 78%, easily absorbed by the skin. Nourishing anti-aging ingredients penetrate at deep level, restoring youthfulness in scalp and hair follicles, making hair stronger and plumper.
  • Product safety met EU standard. No paraben or formaldehyde releaser. 
  • Advanced Silicone-Free Technology

3. Mageline adopts specialised silicone-free technology MER-Scex – revolutionary silicone-free hair rinse philosophy combining rinse & care technology.

  • Skincare-level 100% amino acid and silicone-free formula imported from Japan is selected to indulge in new skincare-grade scalp rinse & care experience, non-irritating and gentler, zero silicone oil, no residue, easy to rinse off.
  • Nano-grade microcapsule technology seals moisturizing and anti-aging essence, effectively penetrates and nourishes scalp and hair, revitalises youthful microbiome.
  • Fills hair cuticles with nourishment and conditioning. Hair becomes smoother, bouncier and easier to comb while reducing hair loss.
  • No accumulation, no residue, leaving scalp clean, fresh and burden-free, firmed and energetic, restoring healthy and beautiful hair.
  • Deeply cleanses without tightness, enhances scalp moisture-retention, fresh and hydrating.
  • Rich and dense foam, easy to rinse off, gentle, clarifying without residue, leaving scalp clean, fresh, moisturized and hydrated, hair smooth and easy to comb.

 4. Witnessed through Experiments by Authoritative Institutions

International authoritative institution SGS has accredited through experiment that, after 14 days of using Mageline shampoo, water level in scalp was increased by 25.29% and sebum level was decreased by 22.55%, thus effectively balancing water and sebum level in scalp and elevating scalp moisture.

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