Mageline Light Flawless Cushion BB Cream 轻盈水润无瑕气垫BB霜

A brand-new cushion-style BB cream with skin benefits -- this innovative BB cream cushion is designed to brighten, moisturise and protect your face from the daily grind. Its lightweight formula delivers impressive coverage to conceal your blemishes, while simultaneously hydrating your skin, soothing irritation and shielding you from UV rays. And its water-resistant properties help it to stay put all day, whether you’re sweating down the gym or dashing home from work in the rain! Suitable for all skin types, safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.


遮瑕轻薄透气完美底妆. 轻薄贴合肌肤,质地清爽不黏腻,遮盖毛孔、瑕疵,让肤色均匀而充满光泽,打造自然裸妆效果,修饰不均匀肤色, 长时间抗汗防水,不易脱妆,出色的锁水保湿能力,让肌肤倍感娇嫩,光泽透亮. 孕妇哺乳期女性均可使用 ~ 隔离防护 ~ 高效保湿超长8小时 ~ 帮助肌肤细胞再生!

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